Xerox Integrating Dokmee Document-Capture Software into Scanners, DocuShare


Xerox reports that it’s integrating scanning software into select Xerox DocuMate Scanners that will enable users to directly export scanned and digital files into Xerox’s DocuShare 7, an enterprise content management (ECM) platform.

The integrated scanning software, Dokmee Capture (Network Edition), separates the scanning, quality control, indexing, and exporting processes into independent tasks that can be performed simultaneously by different users, effectively transforming the scanning process into a tailored workflow assembly line, according to Xerox.

Dokmee Capture (Network Edition) also offers unlimited scanning with no per-click charges, automated data-capture features, image-enhancement features, and reporting and auditing tools.

Xerox DocuShare is an ECM solution that the firm says is affordable, easily deployed, and highly scalable, adapting to any organization’s document-workflow. It offers both content services needed for widespread document management and image capture, as well as advanced ECM capabilities necessary for more complex document workflows, including document audit, life-cycle management, and workflow capabilities.

Dokmee Capture (Network Edition) with Xerox DocuShare 7 integration, valued at $2,000 (retail), is available today by email request here.

Dokmee Capture (Network Edition) ships standard with Xerox DocuMate scanner models DM4790, DM4799, DM4760, DM4830, DM5460, DM5445, and will contain the update version in the box by this fall. Xerox DocuMate scanners are available through Xerox direct sales representatives, authorized resellers and channel partners throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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