Walmart’s Sam’s Club Set to Launch Office-Supplies Delivery Pilot Program

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While the proposed Staples-Office Depot merger has been called off, the office-supplies business may have a new competitor, reports TheStreet, in Walmart, which will be test-launching an office-supplies delivery program.

Tracey Brown, chief member officer of Walmart’s Sam’s Club, told TheStreet at a tour of a Sam’s Club location last week: “We will soon be piloting the delivery of office supplies.”  Brown didn’t reveal when the pilot program would start, or where, or whether it would be contract-based like the delivery services offered by Office Depot and Staples.

According to TheStreet, a “good portion” of the member base at Sam’s Club are small-business owners who “visit the warehouse club to buy products such as bulk oil for their restaurant or office supplies for the supply closet.” Sam’s Club has two types of business memberships: for a $100 annual fee, a business member can add up to 16 members to the account for $45 a person. This higher premium option is eligible for cash rewards based on how much is spent in a given year. The other membership option costs $45 a year and only allows for eight add-on members and doesn’t offer cash rewards.

 According to data compiled by TheStreet, both Staples and Office Depot generated more than $28 billion in sales from their North American office-supplies businesses in the past two years.

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