Square 9 Seeks to Disrput with GlobalSearch C2 for ECM

On March 20th,  Square 9 Softworks, which is based in New Haven, Connecticut, released GlobalSearch C2 for Business Essentials, which connects directly from desktop scanners and printer/MFPs to cloud-based document storage and sharing sites such as Dropbox for simplified document scanning, secure document archiving, and fast information retrieval

Built on the GlobalSearch cloud-based platform, Business Essentials, which is a subscription-based product, is said to be a powerful and highly secure enterprise content management (ECM) solution. GlobalSearch C2 for Business Essentials provides pre-designed vertically driven solutions that are said to include all of the tools to successfully manage business content.

How It Works

Import information: By leveraging the scanning capabilities of a desktop scanner or printer/MFP, scanned documents can also be imported into Business Essentials via “drag-and-drop” at the PC, or from a local or network file share.

Secure Business Content: Upon completion of the document-capture process, business information is released to a secure and compliant cloud repository where it’s protected and can be referenced in seconds. This repository is then divided into four archives, representing common business-practice areas, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, and Contract Management. Business Essentials is hosted on the Amazon Web Platform.

Catalog Document Data: Within each Archive, fields are provided for indexing documents with consistency. These standardized fields make sure that relevant information is being captured that will allow users to quickly search and retrieve the information they’re looking for when needed.

Fast Search Results: With Business Essentials, users can search for content based on a variety of document parameters. When a Search is run, documents are presented within seconds through an organized “tabbed” design. These tabs represent types of documents within an Archive, such as purchase orders, packing slips, and vendors invoices in the Accounts Payable Archive.

Business Essentials can also be customized and expanded to provide capabilities such as business-process automation and Web-form management.

Square 9 says other vertically designed solutions will be made when available, allowing the on-demand library to expand in real-time. Additional plug-in modules include DirectConnect for integrated MFP Capture and GlobalSearch Extensions, Square 9’s online collection of apps designed for optimizing the Web-browser experience.

Benefits for Dealers

Business Essentials is said to enable office-equipment dealers to drive their solution sales by eliminating long sales cycles and simplifying the delivery process without sacrificing functionality or flexibility. According to Square 9, the new methodology behind Business Essentials results in faster deployments and immediate benefits to the customer, while greatly reducing funding times to the dealers.

For more information on GlobalSearch C2 for Business Essentials, visit Square 9 here.


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