Sindoh Enters 3D-Printer Market with 3DWox, Which Features Internal Monitoring Camera


Add Korean company Sindoh to the growing list of printer/copier companies that are marketing a 3D printer. Sindoh’s new DP200 3DWox is available here on Amazon for $1,299.00.  The 3DWox features a close build space, USB port, WiFI wireless connectivity, USB flash-drive slot, and is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and higher, and Apple Mac OSC 10:10 or later.

The 3Wox uses PLA and ABS plastics material and can build objects up to 8.3″ x 7.9″ x 7.7″ (210 x 200 x 195mm) in size. There’s also an internal monitoring camera for remote viewing of object-building via PCs, laptops, and smartphones, as well as a 5″ LCD screen with full-color touch-screen menu.

Other features and specifications include:

  • Auto-loading Cartridge – 3DWox automatically loads filament to the nozzle.
  • Assisted Bed Leveling – 3DWox assists the user in bed leveling by automatically measuring the bed.
  • Smart Slicer Program – 3DWox situates the supporting plank, prints face-up or face-down, and analyzes and configures the optimal printing option to fit the user’s needs.
  • FFF based (Fused Filament Fabrication) printing technology.
  • Printer measures 421 x 433 x 439mm (16.6″ x 16.9″ x 17.3″).
  • Nozzle Diameter is 0.4mm.

For more information, visit Amazon here.

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