Sharp to Re-Enter Television Business in U.S.

Sharp 8K TV

Sharp Corporation of Osaka, Japan – and a member of the Foxconn group since 2016 — reported on May 8th that it’s agreed to establish a new partnership with Hisense International (Hong Kong) America Investment Company.

With the partnerships, Sharp will re-enter the television business in the United States in the second half of 2019.

Sharp also said it “will further accelerate transformation of its business to innovate the world with 8K/4K Ecosystem + 5G and AIoT.”

Back in 2015, Sharp withdrew from the U.S. television market, while also licensing its brand name to Hisense.

This isn’t the first business Sharp is re-entering. In June 2018, Sharp said it was getting back in the PC business – which it had quit in 2010 – by purchasing Toshiba’s PC business.

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