Testing and Evaluation Services

Hands-On Testing and Product Reviews

We will evaluate any imaging device (printer, MFP, All-in-One, scanner), as well as end-user software, print-management solution, etc., free of charge. Our Hands-On Test Reports take into account the entire user experience, not just speeds and feeds. You’ll also have ample opportunity to review our report. Report distribution rights, which are the most reasonably priced in the industry, are available. If you would like to submit a test unit, click here.

Here’s what a product marketing managing had to say about our reports:

“Many business-machine analysts base their recommendations almost entirely on performance test results, but Wirth goes a significant step beyond that. Wirth filters its lab results through a screen of end-user expectations in areas like ease of installation and maintenance, software quality, network compatibility and job management.

Test Report Criteria

  • Image Quality
  • Productivity
  • Feature Set
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quailty
  • Installation Procedures
  • Client and Management Software
  • Workflow
  • Networking
  • Mobile Printing and Scanning

Custom and Commissioned Testing

Backed by its decades of experience in hands-on testing and evaluation of printers, All-in-Ones, MFPs, etc., as well as their related software, solutions, consumables, etc., Wirth Consulting can provide confidential, independent performance testing. With our pre-launch testing, we pinpoint product strengths and address any limitations before introduction, so that you can most effectively face-off against the competition.

Competitive Evaluations/Custom Head2Head Reports

Preparing a new device for launch and want to know how it stacks up against the competition? Distribute a Wirth Consulting Head2Head Report at your next meeting that is customized by us to precisely meet your needs.

Product Planning

Wirth Consulting can evaluate a product post- or pre-launch and assist with the development of a product design and feature set. We can deliver the test results and recommendations in report form as well as in a multimedial presentation delivered at your facility.

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