Samsung Printing App Center 2.0 Now Officially Open

Samsung Electronics America has officially opened its new Printing App Center 2.0 that includes new features to help users organize apps as well as work directly with developers.

The Printing App Center is a Web site designed for users of the Samsung Smart UX Center, an Android-based open ecosystem that provides Samsung Smart UX Center MFPs with with familiar smartphone/tablet functionality. The Printing App Center allows users to download various printing applications and widgets, allowing for MFP customization.

Key features of the Printing App Center 2.0 include:

  • My Catalog: an easy-to-use feature that allows dealers to build curated lists of recommended Smart UX apps and widgets into a catalog tailored to the needs of their business clients.
  • Smart Cafe: a communication platform that allows Samsung dealers, app developers, and end-users to get in touch with one another. The platform allows dealers and customers to send direct inquiries to app developers and receive troubleshooting solutions. It also provides the latest Smart UX app news and updates from Samsung.
  • Interactive Verification and Validation (V&V), a page that allows app developers to check the status of their apps during the V&V testing process. Information is said to be provided in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner, and lets developers monitor the usage status of registered apps.

Other features, such as search filters, have also been added to help enhance the user experience and improve the site’s usability.

Currently 37 apps are available, a sampling of which includes MFP Support Remote Call, Send Anywhere for Printer, Remote Fax, and Dynamic Workflow

“Our main objective with this new version of the Printing App Center is to support the app business of dealers as well as to improve communication,” commented Matt Smith, vice president of Samsung Electronics America Printing Division. “We have aimed to make it easier for Samsung dealers, in-house developers, third-party app developers and customers to reach out to one another.”

Visit the Samsung Printing App Center 2.0 here.

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