Printix’s New Printix Freedom Said to Make Print-Management Affordable, Easy for Even Small Companies


Danish software company Printix reports that the beta release of its new premium subscription-based Printix Freedom solution is now available, and that it’ll make print-management available even for small companies for which other print-management solutions were too costly or too complicated to implement.

According to Printix, small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) have often been unable to afford the advantages of print-management software tools and realize the benefits they can bring, such as cost savings. It says that Printix brings both affordability and simplicity to these customers, and is recruiting channel partners internationally to market Printix Freedom.

Printix Freedom is said to address issues such as having to maintain a local print server, and managing print drivers, both of which are automated in the Printix “freeware” product, Printix Zero, released by the company in January.

The premium version of Printix Zero, new Printix Freedom, adds mobile and secure printing, enabling users to print from smartphones, tablets, or computers to any printer. Pricing is based on a per user fee and includes technical support.

Printix Zero (sign up here to try) provides: automate print drivers; automate queues; unlimited users; unlimited printers; and a help center. Printix Freedom adds hold-and-print later (release print jobs with smartphones), mobile printing, secure printing, and support, and is priced at € 1.99 per user/month.

“Developed as a native cloud application, Printix is aiming to transform and extend the print-management market to allow any company to reap the advantages of print management, as seen and appreciated by enterprises and large organizations for many years,” commented CEO and Printix co-founder Jesper Christiansen.“It’s a combination of things that has previously prohibited small-to-medium sized businesses from being able to invest in managed print and traditional print-management solutions. Mainly, the cost and complexity of current solutions and services has just not made enough business sense. We have made a new recipe for print management-as-a-service, using a cup of cloud technology, a spoonful of freeware, and an ounce of subscription pricing to allow SMBs to have their cake and eat it too. It’s a reasonable request.”

For more information, visit Printix here.

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  1. Just a quick note from the vendor. Printix now supports Azure/Office 365 authentication. This method saves the user from having to remember an additional password. Passwords are handled entirely by Azure and you can sign in even if there are no computers that act as proxy.

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