Polaroid’s Socialmatic is an Android Digital Camera with Built-In Printing, Instant Uploading to the Web

SocialMaticAt the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Polaroid previewed its new Socialmatic instant digital camera that it’ll bring to market in 2014. A blend of old and new schools, the Socialmatic runs on the Android operating system and has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling users to upload photos to popular social networking sites on the Web such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  
Consumers will be able to choose between using the 14 megapixel front-side camera, or 2 megapixel rear-side camera to capture and immediately post images to social networking sites. If Wi-Fi isn’t immediately available, the camera will pair with the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth to enable sharing.  

Users may also print photo’s on ZINK Paper. Prior to printing, images can be touched-up and edited, and clip art, icons, or text can be added to the photo. When ready, the user presses print and the Socialmatic camera will print a 2″x3″ full-color sticker-backed ZINK photo in under a minute. Users can also save their images to a Micro SD card or to the camera’s 4 GB of internal storage. 

The Socialmatic provides an Android user interface on the 4.5” touchscreen LCD display, and LED flash. 
socialmatic android
Availability is expected in the fall of 2014, at which time pricing will be announced. For more information, visit Polaroid here.
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