New Sharp Windows Display with Microsoft Skype for Business Certification

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA) today launched the world’s first Windows collaboration display with Microsoft’s Skype for Business certification. The next generation 4K Ultra HD display is designed to support and improve team work, and features a  70″ Class (69.5″ diagonal) interactive display that meets Microsoft’s specifications. It’s said to combine Sharp’s touch technology and sensors that can work with Microsoft Azure Digital Twins to monitor collaboration spaces.

The Windows collaboration display from Sharp is paired with an integrated high-quality camera with 4K sensor, far field microphone, and speakers to provide users with high-quality audio and video experience. The USB-C connectivity also provides simple single connection, reducing the amount of time spent setting up meeting equipment.

According to Sharp’s report on “Creating the Perfect Meeting Environment,” which reviews the impact of indoor environmental conditions on office worker performance, employers could improve worker performance by 20 percent by increasing the fresh air supply in offices and meeting rooms. The Windows collaboration display from Sharp has built-in sensors that can connect to the Microsoft Azure Digital Twins IoT platform and other commercially available cloud and subscription services, such as the upcoming Sharp Synappx WorkSpaces, as part of a smart building environment.

These advanced features are said to be part of Microsoft’s vision to bring the power of the intelligent cloud into the workplace, using a mix of AI, IoT, and productivity tools to create a more productive and collaborative environment. Customers will be able to use this data to improve the management of heating, cooling and room booking systems based on how the space is actually used.

The Windows collaboration display from Sharp is also designed to work with the familiar Microsoft tools that individuals and organizations will already be using in their workplace. Office 365 provides businesses with a digital hub for teamwork through Microsoft Teams, a platform that brings conversations, content and tools together in one place for easier group collaboration.

The 70″ Class (69.5″ diagonal) interactive display also offers a collaborative experience thanks to Sharp’s Pen-on-Paper experience, an instant and accurate writing feel that’s said to be close to using a real pen on writing paper. The 10-Point P-CAP Capacitive Touch helps to create this touch experience.

Bob Madaio, vice president at marketing at Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America, commented: .”Sharp is proud to be enabling the next-generation of collaborative working and team productivity with the world’s first Windows collaboration display. Not only can you simply walk in, plug in and work together, but it also monitors your environment and can help to make those conditions optimal. A display is the ideal device to become more intelligent. It’s the centerpiece of the meeting room and your window to the rest of your team and the rest of the world.”

The Windows collaboration display is expected to ship in the North American market in the coming months. For more information, visit Sharp here.

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