MPHJ Sues First Company over Alleged Scan-to-email Patent Violations


Photo credit: TrishaLyn / / CC BY-ND

Up until now, MPHJ Technology Investments has sent out hundreds of demand letters to companies through its various law firms, demanding that companies pay approximately $1,000 per employee for allegedly violating MPHJ’s scan-to-email patents by using their MFPs’ scan to email capability. However, MPHJ has never actually sued any of these companies. That’s changed now, as MPHJ has officially filed a lawsuit against a company, Research Now, which is based in Plano, Texas, alleging that Research Now is infringing upon two patents held by MPHJ.

The complaint, which can be accessed here, alleges that Research Now infringed these two MPHJ patents:

  • United States Patent No. 7,477,410, “Distributed Computer Architecture and Process for Virtual Copying.”
  • United States Patent No. 8,488,173, “Distributed Computer Architecture and Process for Document Management.”

MPHJ says that it determined Research Now is infringing upon the scan-to-email patents simply by reviewing publicly available information, but admits its determination isn’t based upon direct evidence. However, it says it will be able to obtain such evident through the legal process of discovery. It also states that it first contacted Research Now in March 2013 to make the company aware of its alleged patent violations. 

MPHJ is demanding a jury trial and damages.

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