LD Products Targets Office-Imaging Dealers with OEM-Alternative Toner Cartridges

Provider of third-party, OEM-alternative printer consumables LD Products of Long Beach, California, has launched a new Channel Partner Division. According to LD Products’ division president Christian Pepper, there’s an “immediate demand for OEM and remanufactured cartridge alternatives” among printer and copier/MFP dealers, and low-cost, reliable toner cartridges are “needed more than ever”.

“As OEMs continue to drop their toner prices in exchange for valuable consumer-reporting data, dealers are looking for alternative cartridge options to stay aggressive,” said Pepper. “Remanufactured cartridges have become increasingly less profitable for contracted resellers. LD’s new-build compatible Gold line of commercial-grade toner products offer resellers a disruptive OEM-quality alternative for 20-percent less than remanufactured cartridges, allowing for much-needed competition in a consolidating market.”

LD Products CEO Aaron Leon stated that he’s had his eye on the reseller market for some time, and noted: “This new division is a merging of talents and expertise from different areas of the print world. LD Products’ established distribution network and infrastructure can properly support the economies of scale needed to be a dependable wholesaler in the reseller market. Together with the reach, expertise, and relationships of Christian (Pepper) and his team, we can bring lasting value to our future reseller partners.”

The new LD Gold line of black and color toner products has been designed and manufactured specifically for resellers. The cartridge line is said to be the result of combining 25 years of U.S. research and development with component manufacturers (American and Japanese) into a new product that’s said to meet the quality standards expected by business consumers.

The firm says that its new non-patent-infringing/new-build description refers to the fact that the cartridges don’t have to be cracked in half as with a remanufactured cartridge to replace used components. This is said to often causes toner leaking and performance issues that lead to increased servicing calls to clean dusty devices.

Instead, each cartridge comes with a brand-new shell and “the same top quality internal components used by leading remanufacturers.”

LD Products says that its Gold line customers can “purchase with confidence knowing they are fully backed by a 100-percent hassle-free lifetime guarantee that also covers reseller onsite repair costs.”

All toner cartridges are said to be tested and quality-checked for performance, and LD indemnifies its customers for infringement claims of U.S. patents.

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