Copier Careers: Longer Hours, Stagnating Compensation for Copier Service Management

copier serviceCopier Careers, a Minneapolis-based recruiting firm serving the document-imaging Industry for almost 30 years, has just published its annual Service & Operations Manager Salary Survey.

This publication reflects the responses of 1,772 service managers, regional service managers, vice presidents of service, operations managers, and general managers who participated in the online survey over the past year. The survey measures how well these professionals are compensated, and how satisfied they are in their careers. Highlights from this year’s survey include:

  • Average compensation has stagnated. Copier Careers says this is likely due to the number of longtime managers who have recently retired or been replace by less-tenured professionals with lower salaries.
  • Average salary increased slightly from $80,572 to $81,332, but the increase didn’t keep up with the growth of inflation.
  • Workdays are longer.The average number of hours service and ops managers work each week has risen to an all-time high of 58. Copier Careers says it believes this increase is temporary, and at least partially due to the challenges confronting today’s service departments: “if you want to modernize an entire department, you have to put in the hours to make it happen.”
  • Responsibilities are changing. As dealerships have transitioned to solutions-based business models, the service manager has become a facilitator, and the line separating service management from operations management has blurred.
  • Priorities are evolving. Today’s service managers have a new enthusiasm for leading-edge technology and big-picture business strategy.

Access the complete survey here.

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