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1-On-1 Consulting

Personalized 1-On-1 Consulting is available at your office, installation site or via phone. We evaluate your existing workflow and systems, applications, installation sites and any new requirements in order to recommend the most economical and efficient workflow and systems.

How Wirth Consulting Can Help You Maximize Your Office-Imaging Investment

Whether you’re a small or large company, we can provide you with expert, no-nonsense advice when you need to purchase or upgrade printers, digital-copier printers, MFPs, and other office-imaging systems.

We’re completely independent, and have absolutely no interest in selling you on a particular brand, are not affiliated in any way with manufacturers, dealers, resellers, etc., and aren’t interested in selling you expensive subscription services. Instead, our mission is to identify best technologies, regardless of brand. We tailor our recommendations for your unique workforce and applications, and can provide you with expert advice and help.

We’ll analyze your usage information that we ask you to provide  (print volume, critical applications, document workflow and processes), and recommend solutions, taking a hard look at what really affects your bottom line – making work processes easier and more efficient.  We consider cost per page, Total Cost of Ownership, usability, energy consumption, and more when making our recommendations.

Phone and On-Site Service

Wirth Consulting provides consulting services via both phone and on-site. Our phone support compensation begins at $100.00 per hour. We recommend that you e-mail us your requirements ahead of time so that we’ll be prepared to get right to work during your consultation. We’ll discuss your current usage and applications, and either make recommendations, or help you decide from among your current choices.  In many cases, we’ll save you $100.00 on just device-acquisition costs alone. In most cases, we’ll save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and your cost for supporting your user and customer needs.

Recommendation Criteria

We consider these criteria: your applications; number of users, departments and/or off-site locations; image quality versus application; cost per page; Total Cost of Ownership; feature set; usability; device-management capabilities; and installation and implementation.

Time Frame

Initially, you will purchase one hour of consulting time ($100.00) up front. For most recommendations that don’t require on-site usage, application and user research, one hour will suffice. If we feel that we can’t fulfill your needs within the one-hour time frame, we’ll advise in advance of your one-hour time expiration. Billing time will be accrued by the hour.


We’ll narrow down your choices to one make/model, or one make/model per vendor. You’ll receive a one-page or more Adobe PDF document e-mailed to you that describes the recommendation and the process used in the decision.  We can also personally deliver a multimedia presentation of our findings and recommendations at your choice of facility.

How to Prepare for a Session

  • Assemble a list of current printer/MFP make(s) and model(s); current monthly print volume; critical applications; current vendor(s); number of expected users; number of off-site locations.
  • Assemble a list of any special concerns – Has your scan volume measurably increased, are you having problems with users performing routine supplies maintenance correctly, etc.?
  • We prefer to have this information on-hand before the consultation begins, as this will maximize the usage of your consultation hour(s).

How to Pay for and Schedule a Consultation Session

You can purchase our Consulting Services on an hourly basis.

  • PayPal Buy Now ButtonYou can use a credit card, PayPal, check or e-check. Purchase your first hour by clicking the “Buy Now” button.
  • You can also request an invoice. Be sure to include your personal contact information (plus e-mail) and your company name and address.
  • Charges for subsequent hours will be invoiced if necessary.
  • Net 30 days. Client is responsible for any travel, lodging or shipping costs incurred.

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