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Stellar Fiscal Year for Toshiba TEC

Toshiba Tec’s other business group, its Retail Solutions group, recorded net sales of 324.5 billion yen, up 3.7 percent versus the previous fiscal year, and operating income of 17.3 billion yen, up 6.0 percent versus the previous fiscal year.

This Week in Imaging: What’s Next for Xerox? Plus, Ricoh, Epson, EFI Financials, More

A private-equity deal may also be in the works: on May 2nd Reuters reported that buy-out firm Appollo Global is approaching Xerox with possible acquisition in mind. Meanwhile, Fujifilm said it will appeal the court order blocking the deal.

Xerox Reports First-Quarter Results

Because of Xerox’s announcement this week that its CEO and six Xerox board members will be stepping down under its pending Director Appointment, Nomination and Settlement Agreement with Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason, Xerox is not releasing a financial forecast.