Amazon Opens 3D Printing Store for Customizing Fashion Accessories, Home Decor, Toys, and More

amazon 3d print store 1

Online storefront for Amazon’s new 3D Printing Store.

Giant online retailer Amazon today launched a 3D Printed Products store that gives customers access to more than 200 print on-demand products that can be customized with 3D printing by material, size, style, and color variations, as well as with personalized with text and image imprints.

Amazon says the new store is one of the largest online destinations for 3D-printed products, and features search tools, interactive 3D preview functionality, and a product personalization widget.

Customers can customize jewelry, toys, home décor, and fashion accessories with the provided design templates. With the 3D product preview function, customers will be able to 360-degree rotate a virtual model of a product to tailor the item from every angle. After an item is personalized and the customer has finished the checkout process, the item is 3D-printed on-demand by a manufacturing provider and then shipped to the customer.

Customers can customize items such as decorative vases, cuff links, wine-glass holders, and bobble-head figurines with the 3D-printing services, with many items under $40. In the $100 price range, customers can design customized fashion accessories such as pendants, earrings, and necklaces.

“The online customer shopping experience will be redefined through 3D printing. When you take into consideration the investment needed for manufacturing products, 3D printing offers a cost-effective alternative that benefits customers by limitless product options,” commented Clément Moreau, CEO and co-founder of Sculpteo, headquartered in San Francisco and Paris. “Amazon’s deep understanding of customers coupled with Sculpteo’s fast, high-quality manufacturing process offers an unprecedented level of product possibilities for customers. With 3D printing, a customer’s wants are no longer limited to what is in stock but instead by what they can imagine.”

Amazon also notes that the new 3D Printed Products store also provides an entry point for designers to offer print on-demand 3D-printed product designs. Sellers, designers, and manufactures interested in the Amazon 3D Printed Products store can visit the store here.

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