About Reports

Hands-On Test Reports

Hands-On Test Reports contain not just tested productivity and specifications, but much more. While these factors are important, we also take an in-depth look at software and solutions, how easy or difficult it is to set up hardware and install the device on the wired or wireless network, replace supplies, print from mobile devices, etc. We also take an end-user look at software and solutions, including software for processing and distributing scanned documents, for enhancing color photos, for device monitoring and configuration, etc. Last, we take a hard look at the users and applications the system is best suited for, and compare its value to that of competitors in the same segment.

How To Purchase Reports

As stated above, some reports can be viewed but not printed for personal use. Using the links embedded in appropriate posts, printable and non-watermarked reports can be individually purchased for local distribution. Finally, Distribution Rights must be purchased in order to use reports or excerpts as marketing collaterals.

Custom Evaluations and Test Reports

Need to know how your product stacks up against a particular competitor or group of competitors? Wirth Consulting can perform competitive testing to identify your product’s strengths and weaknesses.

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