Konica Minolta Resumes Operations in China, Donates Equipment

Konica Minolta of Tokyo, Japan, reported today that it had resumed its factory operations in China. Previously, because of the outbreak of the deadly novel Coronavirus in Wuhan, China, the firm had extended closing of some of its facilities for the Chinese New Year holiday.

Konica Minolta reported that:

  • Business Technologies
    • For the company’s primary sector, Business Technologies businesses, production facilities in China resumed the operations on February 10th. The factories have been working closely with each supplier for procurement of parts necessary for production.
    • Konica Minolta’s  sales companies are well stocked, including on-hand inventory and on-board inventory shipped from China before the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, and these sales companies are ready to meet dealers’ and customers’ orders.
    • As toner and other consumables are also widely available from production in Japan and other countries outside China, customers have continued to be supplied with toner.
  • For other sectors, Konica Minolta says it’s also making efforts so that the customers will be able to carry on with their operations.
Konica Minolta Employees in China

Supporting local employee’s health and safety, the company has been working on providing facial masks and non-contact medical thermometers for its companies in China.

Konica Minolta says it’s keeping “a close eye on the outbreak’s development” and will provide updates if needed.


Konica MInolta also reported today that it will donate eight of its ultrasonic diagnostic devices called SONIMAGE HS1, through the local Red Cross chapter, to six hospitals in Wuhan, China.

The hospitals have been taking care of patients infected with the novel Coronavirus. Its healthcare sales company in China, Konica Minolta Medical & Graphic (SHANGHAI), will manage installation of the donated devices. Ultrasound diagnostic systems are used in Intensive Care Units at hospitals to assist in monitoring severely ill patients.

The Konica Minolta Group will continue supporting Chinese medical communities and people who work for treatment of patients through its initiatives and activities in installing and maintaining medical equipment and responding to customer inquiries. The company also extended its sympathy to the people and regions affected by the outbreak and hopes for patients’ swift recovery.

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