Firmware Case Against Epson Dismissed

A class-action lawsuit filed against Epson in October 2019 alleging that the firm’s printer-firmware update blocked use of third-party ink cartridges has been dismissed.

The complaint alleged that the blocking of third-party ink cartridges was “anti-competitive, unfair, fraudulent and oppressive and illegal,” and that Epson printer owners subsequently suffered harm.

As readers may know, HP Inc. was also the subject of a similar class-action lawsuit, and received many complaints regarding firmware updates that disabled HP inkjet printers when customers attempted to use third-party ink cartridges.

HP subsequently settled those claims, and this year is set to introduce a new business model for its inkjets. Under the new business model, it will sell inkjets that can use third-party ink cartridges, as well as lower-priced inkjets that can only use HP supplies.

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