New ‘Adhesive’ Toner from Fuji Xerox

Last month, Fuji Xerox – now 100-percent owned by Fujifilm and soon to be called Fujifilm Business Innovation Corporation – announced that it had developed the world’s first “adhesive” toner using its own Emulsion Aggregation (EA) toner manufacturing.

The company says it’s designed the new toner for use with itsprinters and copier/MFPs. Applications include printed folded postcards and bookbinding. With conventional toner, these applications often result in printed toner cracking and/or flaking off. The adhesion properties of the toner are also said to enable it to replace stapling pages together.

The firm explained that using its EA manufacturing method, the new toner incorporates pressure-responsive resin that’s finely and evenly dispersed in the toner, thereby enabling adhesion.

The EA manufacturing method is said to make toner shapes uniform by precisely controlling chemical reactions, resulting in improved image quality. The new toner is colorless and transparent, and when pressure is applied to the print area of the ​​media with a commercially available pressure sealer, the pressure-responsive resin reacts and the toner exhibits a glue-like function, bonding the papers together. (See diagram below.) The adhesion between papers can be controlled by adjusting the amount of toner, printing area, and pressure sealer conditions.

By using this method, the printing area and the adhesive area can be printed at the same time, so that the gluing process, which was conventionally performed in a separate process after output, can be reduced. In addition, by changing the printing position of this toner, the bonding location can be freely set, so that it can be developed for various uses. For example, this toner can be printed on the edge of paper, and multiple papers can be glued together to make a booklet, or a margin can be printed and folded to create an envelope.

Fuji Xerox says it will continue its R&D for this new toner, as well as explore new applications and markets for it.

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