Letter Bomb Explodes in Ricoh Europe Mailroom

According to Devidscourse and the New York Times, Dutch police have reported that two-letter bombs exploded in the Netherlands yesterday morning, one at an ABN Amro bank mail-sorting office in Amsterdam and the other 140 miles away in Ricoh Europe’s mailroom.

Fortunately, police said there were no injuries. They also said they were investigating whether the blasts were linked to a string of letter bombs intercepted in the country since early January.

The Ricoh explosion occurred at Ricoh Europe offices in the southern town of Kerkrade, on the border with Germany. “Thankfully there were no injuries, but those involved are of course very shocked,” Ricoh said in a statement cited by Dutch media. The explosion some damage, and the facility was closed for forensic analysis, police said.

Dutch police have been investigating a series of letter bombs since January 3rd. They said the letters appear to have been sent by the same person, and were all intercepted before they could go off. Previous targets have included a hotel, gas station, garage, real-estate agent, and a bill collection service.

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