Kelley Imaging Now Kelley Connect

After numerous acquisitions and new service offerings, Kelley Imaging announced that it’s changed its name to Kelley Connect,  effective immediately.

CEO Aric Manion explained: “We’re so much more than a printing company and our new brand needs to reflect that. We’ve grown more than 625 percent in our IT and professional service divisions making those offering exponentially more robust. We’re an entirely new organization.”

Led by the acquisition of Core, Kelley Connect now consists of 29 offices with 302 employees across five states.

Manion said the company landed on “connect” for several reasons, most importantly how the company serves its clients. “We now have the ability to solve nearly every customer problem within Kelley Connect, simply by introducing different divisions of the company to help our customers connect with their customers,” said Manion. “With offices across the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, we’re also addressing our customers’ needs by expanding our footprint into new service areas. We are growing aggressively to meet demand.”

In addition to the new name, Kelley Connect initiated a brand overhaul from logo to website.

“In the past few years, the way we do business has changed entirely,” said Brian Woodman, VP of sales. “We’re not the printer guys anymore. We’re the creative business solutions guys. Now the resources we have are keeping us one step ahead of the industry versus trying to keep up.”

Kelley Connect is continuing to look at acquisition targets in areas where they are not represented. “We’re going to continue to grow aggressively because the demand is so strong,” Manion said.

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