Ricoh Canada Wins Government MPS Contract

On January 21st, Ricoh Canada reported that the government of Canada has named it one of three managed print services (MPS) providers selected as part of a program to streamline the federal procurement process to purchase and manage printing technology and services.

This new approach is intended to help departments and agencies standardize their print fleets, and reduce total expenditures all while enhancing security and sustainability.

The agreement is part of a Government of Canada initiative to change how it purchases and manages its office printing equipment and services to enhance security, improve user productivity, encourage greener practices, and equip the public service with the latest technologies they need as part of a comprehensive MPS program. The process is said to provide a ready-made statement of work framework for governmental departments to engage with approved vendors to design a managed print and content solution tailored to their specific needs.

The agreement grants the Government of Canada access to RICOH Intelligent Devices equipped with RICOH Always Current Technology, which makes regular updates to devices and other applications available on demand, and as needed.

With RICOH Always Current Technology, users can download and install new features and upgrades directly to their device as they become available and have the flexibility to add only the applications they need, all while keeping data secured and protected. In addition, today’s generation of Intelligent Devices reinforces Ricoh’s commitment to fostering a more sustainable society with power saving features that save energy and reduce carbon footprint.

The Government of Canada encouraged a collaborative procurement process during which Ricoh was “an active, leading voice that engaged with key decision makers to better understand their goals and vision.”

Ricoh says environmental sustainability was a major aspect of the government’s evaluation of potential partners. Ricoh says it particularly excels in this area, having received the 2019 ENERGY STAR Canada Manufacturer of the Year Award for Electronics and makes sustainability a core value in both product development and business operations.

Glenn Laverty, president and CEO of Ricoh Canada, Inc. and senior vice president of Strategy Office for Ricoh North America, commented: “The government of Canada had a vision to break down barriers to obtaining optimized print technologies and services, and we were honored to be invited to collaborate throughout the process, and ultimately partner for future successes. The end-to-end, tailored, holistic approach that has driven success in so many Ricoh partnerships is now an integral part of the government procurement process. If a department wants to take advantage of an expertly designed, implemented and maintained MPS engagement, they now have a strong baseline level of services. The framework is already in place, and starting the conversation is easier than ever before.”

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