Ninestar Launches Automatic Ink-Cartridge Replacement Program

Ninestar Corporation of Zhuhai, China, and parent company of Lexmark International, announced that it’s officially launching its G&G Instinkt program, and is soliciting worldwide business partners for the project. A decade after first introducing China’s first China-brand laser printer, its subsidiary, Pantum, also previewed its first A3 MFP, the Pantum A3 Multifunctional Machine.


Instinkt is a monthly printing program under which customers are charged based on the number of pages they have printed, rather than the on amount of ink they have used – similar to HP Inc.’s Instant Ink program. Under HP’s Instant Ink program, users select a monthly program based on their monthly print volume. HP monitors the printer ink levels, and then automatically ships new ink when it is running low, billing the customer for the shipment.

Ninestar’s Instinkt will support printers from HP, Epson, Canon, and Brother. So far Instinkt provides only compatible inkjet cartridges.   Ninestar expects to add compatible toner cartridges, ribbons, and printers  in the future.

Ninestar notes that market-research firm IDC’s research indicates that  global printer demand has shrunk from 70 million in 2012 to 58 million in 2019, and that traditional sales in aftermarket supplies are struggling in current Internet era and paperless-trending workplace.

In addition, several printer OEMs, such as Epson, have changed their profit model from a “razor-and-blade” model to a “high-cost machine and low-cost consumables” model, which reduces profit margins for aftermarket dealers.

Ninestar says its Instinkt program addresses these challenges – presumably by locking in supplies revenue, since customers will be purchasing replacement supplies only from the reseller, not from other after-marketers.

The company says its Instinkt advantages will include:

  • Technical support from its subsidiary,  Apex;
  •  Comprehensive, high-quality, patented product offerings;
  • Strong global sales network.

For more information, visit Ninestar at booth Hall 6.1 c56 at the Frankfurt Paperworld Expo 2020, or contact a sales representative.

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