This Week in Imaging: When Customers Realize They Don’t Print on 11″x17″

If there’s any thing that’s going to change the office-imaging industry it’s likely to be this: what happens when customers en masse realize they don’t print on 11″ x 17″?

Sure, they are lots of applications remaining for 11″ x 17″ printing – including engineering, but according to some studies, less than 3 percent of users actually print on 11″ x 17″.

One thing that’s continued to bolster A3 placements has been the generally lower cost per page – but that’s been changing, with A4 now matching A3 cost per page. A3 also traditionally offers higher higher monthly volumes, and optional document-finishing.However, vendors such as Lexmark International have been offering A4 machines with higher monthly volumes and optional document finishing for a while now.

Other A3 disadvantages are higher initial cost; the fact that they take up more space; and that they consume more power (as the fuser unit is said to 41 percent larger than that of an A4 device; also the entire unit heats up, regardless of whether the user is printing an A4 page or A3).

The bad news is the moment when customers en masse realize they don’t need A3 may be like the moment consumers realized they don’t need to rent movies from Blockbuster – they can just stream them with a Netflix subscription.

On the bright side though, we believe most copier companies have seen the A4 transition coming and are filling in their lines with A4. Office-equipment dealers should of course be doing the same.

It’s Still a Document

One concept we believe that any one should keep in mind is to see oneself not as a seller of printers or copiers, but as a seller of document creation, processing, management, and security technology.

Today that document isn’t just on paper, but is in digital format, and customers need technology for transferring it, processing it, storing it, and securing it. That means document software such as: OCR software; scan-routing software; document keyword recognition and extraction; individualized workflows; and secure cloud sites, along with security for the MFP processing those workflows.

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