Xerox May Be Shutting Down Impika Business

Xerox Impika Evolution inkjet press.

According to the Graphics to Industrial Printing Journal, Xerox may be shutting down its Impika center in Aubagne, France. Xerox acquired Impika in 2013 under then Xerox CEO Jeff Jacobson, and opened a worldwide research center in 2014 at the location in the south of France. Impika is a developer of water-based inkjet printing technology for the commercial and production-printing markets.

Xerox has not issued a statement confirming this, but a local French newspaper, La Provence, broke the story last month.  According to that newspaper, Xerox made the decision back in July. Both Kyocera and EFI were said to have been interested in acquiring Impika but negotiations didn’t succeed with either company. La Provence states that consequently, the plant will be shut down by December 20, 2019, with 141 employees laid off. Another French newspaper, L’Usine Nouvelle, also confirms that the plant will close at that time.

In June of this year, Xerox introduced the Baltoro HF, a cut-sheet color-inkjet press, which was developed using Xerox’s own W-series inkjet print heads, not Impika technology, as well as technology developed by Xerox for its toner-based presses.

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