Copier Sales Rep Compensation ‘Holding Steady’

According to industry-recruiting firm Copier Careers, the average copier sales rep compensation is “holding steady.”  Total compensation has ticked up slightly, and experienced sales reps remain in very high demand,  but as mergers and acquisitions reshape the industry, sales reps are said to have grown more cautious about seeking out new positions.

Respondents to this year’s salary survey report total compensation increased on average to $117, 872 — $808 more than last year. Despite abundant opportunities to move up, sales reps are “waiting to see how things shake out,” said Jessica Crowley, business development manager and senior recruiter at Copier Careers.

Because it takes time for mergers or acquisitions to affect day-to-day operations, Crowley said it’s too early to know the effect on individuals. “They want to see how it’s going to evolve and how it would affect their position and compensation. It’s creating uncertainty.”

Even with turnover in the industry, the market for sales reps is “red hot.” With more jobs than top sales candidates, dealers are enforcing non-compete agreements and making counteroffers more frequently, said Paul Schwartz, president of Copier Careers.

“It’s just a very tight market, right now,” Schwartz said. “That’s actually a good place to be, because it creates opportunities to advance, especially for experienced sales reps.

2019 Sales Representative Salary Survey

Over the past 17 years, Copier Careers including service techniciansservice and operations managers and sales managers. In 2011, it added a salary survey for copier sales representatives. This year 10,676 Copier Channel sales representatives from across the industry participated in the survey.

Responses to this year’s survey show that sales reps self-identified across seven job titles in almost the same percentages as in last year’s survey. The largest number work as managed print services (MPS)/solutions sales reps (36.3 percent), Named Account Managers (18.7 percent), and Account Executives (18.7 percent).

Even with some uncertainty about what to expect after mergers and acquisitions, the industry is said to continue to expand, and dealers have found niches for their products and services that give them a solid client base. But to keep up with organic business growth — and to continue to expand the business — staffing needs will have to be met.

“With all these industry mergers and acquisitions, if you’re not growing, you’re dying,” Schwartz said. “So, when we find a rock star sales rep, a dealer would be absolutely remiss not to talk with that person, because rock stars can make a big difference in a dealer’s bottom line.”

In 2019, base salaries, commissions and quotas were slightly higher than those reported in last year’s survey. At $49,600 the average base salary of 2019 survey respondents compares favorably with the average salary ($48,380) of sales reps across the country, as reported by

Sales reps who identify themselves as major account managers, government account managers and national account managers have an average base salary of $59,492, which also compares favorably with the average base for technical sales reps ($60,777), as compiled by

Total Average Compensation, All Job Titles  2018: $117,064 2019: $117,872

Compensation Ticks Up Slightly in 2019

  • The average base salary across all job titles was $49,600, up $508 from last year.
  • The average sales rep commission was $68,271, up $129 from 2018.
  • The average total compensation was $117,782, an increase of $808.

Total Average Compensation, by Job Title Major Account Manager: $131,788 Government Account Manager $125,817 MPS/Solution Sales Rep $122,302 National Account Manager $121,423 Senior Account Exec $119,113 Named Account Manager $111,602 Account Executive $93,056

Salary vs. Commission

2019 Average Monthly Quota MPS/Solutions Sales Rep $47,043 +$977 Named Account Manager $69,629 +$607 Account Executive $38,682 +$270 Overall Average Quota $48,785 +$618

According to Copier Careers, with demand this strong, it’s an ideal time for sales reps to move up to a “dream job,” because dealers are seriously looking for talent. Instead of resisting or dreading change, this is the time to embrace it and ride the wave of growth in the industry.

“If you are evolving as a sales rep or as a company, this is an exciting to time to be in the business, because the trajectory is still going up for business growth, solutions and profits,” Schwartz said. “This industry just keeps growing, and that’s a very good thing.”

See the complete report here.

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