This Week in Imaging: Inkjet – What Could Go Wrong?

It turns out, not much. In the inkjet department, this week’s big news was Epson America’s introduction of its new heat-less inkjet-printing technology, which reminded us yet again of one of inkjet’s significant advantages over laser printing. This advantage is less moving parts means that less can go wrong. There’s no transfer belts, fusers, etc., as with laser, all of which, inherently because they are moving parts, can go wrong. For any dealer, that means less time servicing inkjet, which means a better bottom line. And of course, there’s less heat – that means less power consumption and less chance, of yes, fires.

But as with all things office inkjet, even though inkjet has been increasingly accepted in the commercial-printing world, the challenge still remains to convince office users that inkjet provides the fast speed and image quality of laser printing.

This Week in Imaging


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Hardware News

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Dealer News

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Imaging-Supplies News

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Other News

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