European Toner Association Criticizes White Paper

The European Toner and Inkjet Remanufacturers Association (ETIRA), an industry trade association, recently issued a press release criticizing a white paper, “Premium Compatibles Poised to Fundamentally Change Third-Party Printer Supplies Market,” published by U.S.-research firm Actionable Intelligence.

According to ETIRA, the recently published white paper describes how a premium new-build Single Use Cartridge (SUC) is poised to change the printer-supplies market.

ETIRA stated it “was disappointed by the biased content of the Actionable Intelligence white paper, assuming that the viewpoint taken may have been influenced by the party or parties commissioning this work.”

The focus of the report is said to praise the advantages of non-infringing SUCs. According to ETIRA, the advantages of SUCs “are based on price and IP or regulatory compliance, for which there is a legal requirement and so this is not considered to be a unique selling point. Other aspects such as quality, emissions, health, safety and economic sustainability are seemingly not considered relevant enough to be highlighted in this validation.”

ETIRA says that with its own testing, it’s found violations of chemical legislation and European law “apparently across the board of SUC manufacturers, also including leading brands.”

But it also noted “We assume that for advanced players it will be possible to manufacture chemically safe, legislation and IP compliant products as stated in the White paper.”

However, it continued “But this will come at a cost. Not only at a monetary cost for the buyer but also at a cost for society and the environment.

“That SUC manufacturers pay these costs for compliance has not always been the case in the past and has yet to be proven.”

The ETIRA statement concludes: “That our society would be paying the price for an increased share of SUC and a further reduction of locally remanufactured product is a fact.  It is not just that plastic waste ends up in landfill, but also the loss of local jobs and the un-sustainability of the supply chain that are clear and negative factors of SUCs.

“According to the European Parliament remanufacturing represents the ‘Actual mandate of society and the most important innovation need towards the future.'”

ETIRA recommends reading a document produced under the EU commission mandate which supports it says supports its view, a cartridge remanufacturing study by Oakdene Hollins that can be downloaded here.

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