Plus Tech CEO Provides Look at New Epson Ink-Jet Tech

Chip Miceli, CEO of Pulse Technology, a leading technology company serving the managed print services, managed network (IT), and office supplies/furniture needs of Greater Chicago and Northern Indiana, recently met with Epson Corporation leaders in Japan to study and discuss the latest advances in Epson’s inkjet-printing technology.

Miceli noted that he was one of a few American office-equipment dealers invited to Japan, where Epson officials shared details of what’s said to be a its new and improved approach to inkjet-printing technology. Miceli believes that this latest technology, which doesn’t require heat as part of the printing process, will be revolutionary because of improved quality of printing, as well as because of improved environmental impact and cost savings.

Pulse Technology will introduce this new ink technology in its managed print services programs throughout its Illinois and Indiana locations. The company is also scheduling a series of “Lunch and Learn” presentations to introduce the technology to clients and interested parties.

New Inkjet-Printing Approach

Epson’s inkjet-printing technology is said to be a departure from the traditional approach. Historically, thermal inkjet printers have relied on heat to eject ink through their nozzles. However, Epson’s new advanced Precision Core technology is said to instead use piezoelectric crystal actuators that mechanically eject ink. The process doesn’t require heat, and it’s said to result in inkjet print heads that  are highly durable and have very little deterioration over time.

Other benefits of the new technology – which is said to provide “superior image quality at blazing speeds” – include:

  • Print heads can be used for a wide range of commercial and industrial printing applications.
  • Little ink waste because of how accurately ink is deposited.
  • Ecologically friendly system, as less emitted ozone into the atmosphere.
  • Technology which warns the user when levels are running low
  • More even ink flow.

We should also note that less heat should probably mean less energy consumption.

Miceli commented: “Those of us who have embraced and advocated for the managed print service (MPS) approach to document generation, which essentially guides customers into programs which reduce their cost per page for generating the paper they print or copy, are always on the lookout for additional advances. We have had opportunities to work with manufacturers and provide input into how they can make their equipment more user-friendly.

“And now, with this unveiling of improved ink technology, customers will achieve several important goals: longer cartridge life, less environmental impact, superior print quality, and spectacular quality of documents. This is a great improvement and we look forward to promoting this advance through our own company and throughout our industry.”

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