New Industrial Label Printers from Epson

Seiko Epson of Japan continues to diversify from consumer and office printing, announcing today that Epson LabelWorks PX, the U.S.-based sales office for Seiko Epson, has launched two new industrial printer models designed specifically to address growing market needs for printing high volume batches of industrial labels of up to 2″ wide quickly and inexpensively. The printers will be available in North America.

The Epson LW-Z5000PX and the Epson LW-Z5010PX printers are said to provide various innovative features to simplify the creation of labels for a wide range of industrial labels, including those that require bar codes, QR codes, sequential alpha and numeric coding, and more than 900 symbols for safety, electrical, and other applications:

  • Faster print speeds for labels ranging from 1/8″ to 2″ wide (up to 50 mm/sec)
  • Lower cost per printed label compared to competing offerings (up to 67% savings compared competing printers)
  • Bulk label supply rolls that provide up to 146′ of material per roll
  • Increased productivity with automatic winding of high-volume print batches to keep hundreds of labels neatly organized during and after printing
  • Faster label management in the field due to Epson’s exclusive half-cut technology that makes peeling individual labels from the roll easier and faster than competing printers
  • Faster label design using Epson’s easy-to-use color touchscreen technology and intuitive software and mobile apps

“Our customers in the US and Canada have been calling for high-volume industrial print solutions and economical bulk labeling supplies that are easy to use,” said Linda Law, president of Epson LabelWorks PX.  “These additions to our product line offer a clear new choice for those with complex high-volume labeling requirements.”

Epson’s LABELWORKS PX series of industrial labeling solutions are used in factories, network installations, and anywhere else wires and cables require identifying labels. Epson says their rugged build makes them ideal for use in even harsh work environments.

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