Memjet Launches ‘Next Revolution’ in Inkjet Printing

San Diego-based Memjet today launched what it’s calling its next revolution in inkjet printing, called DuraFlex.

Memjet says the new technology “combines speed, flexibility and simplicity to create a new breed of high-performance benchtop and entry-level press platforms for a wide range of markets.”

DuraFlex is a modular single-pass print solution that combines Memjet’s signature features of fast print speed, simplicity, and affordability with new attributes such as enhanced durability, A4 and A3 plus widths in a four-color print head, a high-speed data path and modules that control all print head functions. Together, Memjet says these features give OEMs the resources to create affordable benchtop, mini-press, and entry-level presses capable of quality and speed previously not available in these types of solutions.

Memjet will showcase the capabilities of this new technology and provide updates from the company at Labelexpo, which will take place in Brussels, Belgium, September 25–27.

“Our goal with designing DuraFlex was to create a simple yet robust technology that could give OEM partners the resources to create affordable printing solutions that were powerful, yet affordable,” said Kim Beswick, general manager of Memjet’s benchtop and mini-press division. “DuraFlex delivers on this goal. With its compact, modular design, category-leading speed, 1,600-dpi quality and economical cost, DuraFlex provides partners robust resources for creating benchtop and entry-level label and packaging presses as well as other light production and wide-format print and packaging applications.”

Beswick added, “DuraFlex complements other Memjet printing technologies, providing a resource that strategically fits between our VersaPass and DuraLink printing solutions. DuraFlex also adds a pigment ink solution to the compelling dye ink solutions provided by VersaPass technology. With the launch of DuraFlex, Memjet now has the technology to power any type of digital printer in the market.”

Memjet says the flexibility and affordability of DuraFlex provides OEMs and their print customers with a low-risk way to make the move to inkjet or expand their existing product lines by adding new solutions. Like other Memjet technologies, DuraFlex is based on a modular architecture that significantly reduces development costs and time and gets OEMs’ products to market faster.

The cost benefits of DuraFlex also extend to the end user. DuraFlex-powered printing solutions are less expensive to buy and operate. DuraFlex’s new long-life, four-color print head is also said to minimize intervention rates, resulting in higher productivity and profitability for print providers.

With 1,600 x 1,600 dpi resolution and built-in nozzle redundancy, DuraFlex produces market-leading print quality at print speeds of up to 46 m/minute

DuraFlex modules and print heads will come in both A4 and A3 plus formats and can be stitched up to 1.2 meters wide. DuraFlex comes with an embedded RIP datapath and supports external RIP digital front ends for enhanced performance and datapath control.

DuraFlex uses aqueous pigment inks that Memjet says are lightfast, water durable, and scratch resistant. Memjet also says it developed DuraFlex inks for use in indirect food contact applications and that they’re compatible across a broad range of, including porous, un-coated offset, inkjet-treated, and inkjet-coated media.

According to the firm, this broadly compatible ink set, combined with DuraFlex’s affordability, performance, and flexibility, enables OEM partners to use DuraFlex to create a wide variety of solutions across several market segments and applications, including labels, mailing, and addressing, robust office, and light production printers, packaging and wide-format graphics. These solutions open up new business opportunities for manufacturers, brands and commercial print customers.

“By simplifying the development process for our OEMs and offering outstanding image quality as well as performance, DuraFlex solves OEMs’ most pressing challenge: getting affordable printing solutions to market faster without sacrificing the quality and speed users demand in these rapidly evolving print markets,” said Memjet’s Beswick.

At Labelexpo Europe, Memjet will be hosting an event to discuss the launch of DuraFlex and the role it will play in creating solutions for the package and label market. This event will include presentations by Memjet executives and from a leading OEM partner.

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