Epson Opening New Inkjet-Printing Innovation Lab

Fujimi Plant

Seiko Epson of Tokyo, Japan, announced today that it’s opening a new collaborative inkjet-printing laboratory at its Fujimi Plant in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Called the Fujimi Inkjet Innovation Lab, the facility will begin operating in October.

Epson says it will use the Fujimi Inkjet Innovation Lab to conduct joint research with a wide range of research institutes and companies that are looking to apply inkjet technology in industrial processes. It says it will develop new applications and identify needs for inkjet technology, create new markets for inkjet printing, and accelerate the use of its inkjet print heads in industry.

Inkjet Innovation Lab

One of Epson’s strategies under its current three-year plan is to accelerate growth by “taking maximum advantage of its assets and by engaging in collaboration and open innovation.” With inkjet, Epson is seeking more open innovation opportunities and is expanding external sales of inkjet print heads that incorporate Epson PrecisionCore color inkjet-printing technology.

The Fujimi Inkjet Innovation Lab is equipped with an inkjet printing machine and inkjet evaluation unit that employ Epson inkjet print heads, as well as other equipment that can be used for the trial fabrication and evaluation of electronic devices. Lab users can draw on Epson’s expertise as they explore the potential for inkjet technology in all kinds of applications.

Epson expects the use of printing systems in the production of touch sensors, OLED panels, and innumerable other devices is expected to grow. It says it will expand the scope of inkjet applications by using the lab as a center primarily for collaborating with research institutes and companies that are innovating inkjet production processes or developing new inkjet-compatible materials. It says it will accumulate knowledge and insights through the work performed at the lab and will drive further advances in its inkjet print heads for industrial use.

“Our goal is to pioneer new printing and production processes for customers by providing solutions based on Epson’s inkjet print heads,” said Seiko Epson executive officer Satoshi Hosono, who serves as the deputy general administrative manager of the company’s Technology Development Division. “Our print heads boast numerous advantages, including outstanding printing performance, environmental performance, and ink compatibility. We see the Fujimi Inkjet Innovation Lab as the first step toward expanding the number of locations for forging partnerships with those who share our aspirations and for collaborating to drive innovation.”

Lab Profile

Name Fujimi Inkjet Innovation Lab
Opening date October, 2019
Total floor space Approx. 225 m²

Profile of the Fujimi Plant

Address 281 Fujimi, Fujimi-machi, Suwa-gun, Nagano prefecture, Japan 399-0293
Operations Semiconductor operations, sensing devices operations, research & development, production technology development
Lot size 247,143 m²
Start of operations 1980
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