Copier Careers Publishes Latest Salary Data

Copier-industry recruitment firm Copier Careers today reported that it’s published its 2019 Service and Operations Manager Salary Survey.

This year’s survey reflects the responses of 2,084 copier-channel service and operations management professionals across the United States. Copier Careers uses these annual surveys to provide a year-by-year snapshot of how well industry professionals are compensated, how satisfied they are in their careers and how closely their needs are aligning with the needs of their employers.

Highlights of the survey Include:

  • Industry service and operations managers’ average base salary across all job titles increased to $88,794 with a similar increase in bonuses totaling $29,895, for an average total compensation of $118,689 in 2019.
  • Interestingly, when asked to pick seven factors that matter most to them, “base pay” dropped from second to seventh place compared to 2018. This indicates that other issues weigh more heavily on their job satisfaction. Factors like “benefits,” “ability to work with leading-edge tech,” “having the tools and support to do my job well,” “understanding the company’s business strategy” were all given more importance than base pay.
  • Service and ops managers in 2019 report working an average of 68 hours per week, a two-hour increase from last year. Their average hours have increased 10 hours per week just since 2014 and 19 hours per week since 2006. Anecdotally, Copier Careers stated that much of this time is spent trying to find qualified technicians, retaining technicians, and covering service gaps, themselves.
  • Fully 99 percent of the service and operations managers who responded to this year’s survey say they are “actively” or “somewhat” looking for a new job. An equal percentage say they are looking because of “job opportunities too good to pass up,” and 98 percent of respondents say they are looking for “higher compensation.

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