This Week in Imaging: Hacker Swipes Data from Entire COUNTRY

While companies such as HP Inc., Lexmark, and Xerox can often seem like a broken record with their insistence that enterprises must make security a top priority (and that printers and MFPs can be a vulnerable gateway), this week’s security hack may be a first. According to The Guardian and other news sources, a single 20-year-old has been charged with hacking the financial records of not just a company, but that of virtually every citizen in the  country of Bulgaria.

While breathtaking stories such as this tend to get the headlines, many enterprises still don’t see the security risks inherent in today’s printers and MFPs.  According to the 2019 Quocirca Global Print Security Landscape, 59 percent of businesses in 2018 reported a print-related data loss. Meanwhile, print-security measures employed by enterprises vary, with only: 51 percent with a formal print security policy;  48 percent  applying regular firmware updates; 40 percent using pull printing (with user authentication); and 37 percent using secure mobile printing.

While neither printers nor MFPs don’t seem to be involved in the spectacular Bulgaria hacking, there’s always a first. That’s why no one in the office-imaging industry should hesitate to be a broken record when it comes to security.

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