Canon, Turbon Sign Patent-Infringement Settlement Agreement

Canon Inc. and Turbon AG, Turbon Europe GmbH, as well as Michael Pages (Managing Member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director), have agreed to resolve their pending patent-infringement dispute by signing a settlement agreement.

In the course of the litigation, Canon asserted claim 25 of European Patent EP 2 087 407 B1, relating to a process cartridge, against Turbon with the Court of Appeals Düsseldorf in Germany.

Under the agreement, Turbon has agreed to refrain from making, offering, putting into circulation and/or importing and/or owning toner cartridges based on a certain manufacturing method and comprising a drum unit with a certain coupling member for use in various models of HP and/or Canon laser  printers in Germany. Furthermore, Turbon has agreed to pay damages for past infringements to Canon. Further details of the settlement agreement are confidential.

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