Epson Continues to Invest in Digital Textile Printing

Epson SureColor F9200 Textile Printer

Continuing its strategy of expanding into digital, inkjet-based textile printing, Seiko Epson of Tokyo, Japan, announced today that it’s opened a new textile-solutions center called “TSC Asia” at its Fujimi Plant in Nagano prefecture in Japan.

Designed to accelerate the global expansion of its digital textile-printer business, TSC Asia is said to be equipped to handle every step in the textile printing process, including textile pre- and post-treatment.

Like the Epson Group’s Textile Solutions Center operating in Como, Italy, since 2014, Epson says TSC Asia supports digital textile printing by conducting research and development and by using actual textile printers to produce samples for customers in Japan and throughout Asia.

Epson says it was among the first inkjet printer manufacturers to put its inkjet technology to use in digital textile printing. And, joined by its Italian subsidiaries For.Tex S.r.l. and Fratelli Robustelli S.r.l., Epson has been researching and developing digital textile printing, as well as producing the Monna Lisa series of inkjet digital textile printers.

The company is currently strengthening its production and sales organizations to position it to provide products and services globally from both Japan and Italy. Epson started producing some models in the Monna Lisa series in 2018 at its Hirooka Plant in Nagano prefecture, Japan. The company will be expanding its prototyping and volume production operations for large industrial printers, including the Monna Lisa series, with the completion of a new facility in Hirooka, Innovation Center Building B, in Japan, at the end of March 2020. In 2019, Epson will begin selling these products through its global sales network.

Epson says it opened TSC Asia prior to its completion of Building B in order to respond to growing demand from Asia.

“I am pleased that we can now fully support the introduction and use of digital textile printing by an even larger audience thanks to the establishment of TSC Asia,” said Koichi Kubota, representative director, senior managing executive officer and chief operating officer of Seiko Epson’s Printing Solutions Operations Division. “We will contribute to the development of digitization in the textile field with Epson’s inkjet technology and will make Epson indispensable for the textile world.”

Commercial and industrial printing, including digital textile printing, are one of the strategic areas of focus in Epson’s long-term corporate strategy, referred to as Epson 25.

Profile of TSC Asia

Name TSC Asia
Opening date June 2019
Total floor space Approx. 1,000 m²
Investment Approx. 300 million yen

Profile of the Fujimi Plant

Address 281 Fujimi, Fujimi-machi, Suwa-gun, Nagano prefecture, Japan 399-0293
Operations Semiconductor operations, sensing devices operations, research & development, production technology development
Lot size 247,143 m²
Start of operations 1980

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