Kyocera Touts ‘Transformation’ with New Hire

Announcing the new hire of an “industry outsider,” Kyocera Document Solutions America CEO Oscar Sanchez stressed that the hire highlights how the appointment reflects a transformation at Kyocera. “Our customers need us to be a different kind of company, now and increasingly in the years ahead,” Sanchez said. “Everything I’m doing is about making that happen.”

Since taking over as CEO of Kyocera Document Solutions America less than a year ago, Sanchez is said to have been focused on re-shaping the company into a “consultative, solutions-focused, data-driven organization, a process that starts with cultivating a different kind of culture and mindset.”

That process is said to have taken a “giant step forward” with the hiring of a new vice president of Human Resources, Natalie Cumberbatch, whose 15-year career has included “exactly zero stops within the document-imaging industry” – a fact that’s said to be part of Sanchez’s strategy.

“We’re innovating, from the inside-out. Natalie understands how to recruit and retain innovators,” said Sanchez.

Innovation is said to have characterized Cumberbatch’s accomplishments, both at a talent management and development firm and at a non-profit. Highlights have included organizational re-design, operational expansion, and comprehensive training for emerging leaders, all of which are said to “resonate with Kyocera’s long-held (but newly articulated) values of continuous learning and constant improvement.”

National recognition has followed, with Cumberbatch’s most recent company earning “Great Place to Work” endorsements in each of the last three years, a goal she now has for Kyocera.

“HR is a strategic role, maybe the most important strategic role,” said Cumberbatch. “Innovation, growth, change – it all starts with the people you have and the culture you create.”

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