HP Launches World’s First Laser Printer with User-Refillable Toner Tank

HP Neverstop being filled with HP Toner reload kit
The HP Neverstop Laser Printer. 

For the several years, vendors that include Canon, Epson, and HP Inc.  been selling inkjet printers and All-in-Ones with tank reservoirs that can be refilled by users with packs or bottles of ink. Today, however, HP Inc. took the concept a step further, launching the world’s first laser printer that features a  user-refillable toner tank reservoir, the HP Neverstop Laser Printer, which HP touts as an “entirely new, rapid-reload laser printer.”

HP says the Neverstop features a cost per page competitive with imitation toner cartridges, as well as up to 80-percent cost savings on HP toner.

The firm says that refilling toner is fast and easy, and that toner can be reloaded in as fast as 15-seconds with the “mess and hassle-free” HP Reload kit.  It also says users can print up to 10 times more pages versus a comparable in-class HP printer, the HP LaserJet M15, and in-class HP LaserJet MFP M28. The Neverstop printer ships with a toner-yield of up to 5,000 pages included in the box.

The Neverstop will be available in emerging economies such as China. HP notes that research indicates that there will be 43 million small businesses in China by 2020 – and that small businesses account for 60 percent of total China GDP (see here).

To reload toner, as the video below shows, the user opens the printer’s top cover, shakes the large cylinder containing toner, inserts it into the toner receptacle hole, twists it, and presses down on the plunger to release toner, and then removes it, closing the printer cover. The process takes just about 15 seconds.

Anneliese Olson, global head and general manager of HP’s Home Printing Solutions, noted that the need for printing remains strong for Chinese business: “A recent HP global study found that close to 70 percent of Chinese small business owners state their business cannot run without a printer. By reducing common printing interruptions with breakthrough innovations, mobile applications, and digital integration, HP Neverstop Laser gives entrepreneurs a competitive edge to turn their passion into a thriving business.”

Designed with sustainability in mind, the HP Neverstop Laser is made with more than 25-percent recycled plastic by weight, while the toner reload kit is made of 75 percent recycled plastic by weight.

Key features include:

  • Print up to 5,000 pages right out of the box with virtually no interruptions.
  • A revolutionary supply system lets users quickly and easily reload toner levels in 15-seconds without mess.
  • Get original HP quality printing for a cost per page competitive with imitation cartridges, with up to 80 percent cost savings on HP original toner
  • Easy mobile scanning and printing with best-in-class mobile print app, HP Smart App.

The Neverstop will be available in four configurations:

  • Neverstop Laser 1000a, which is a base model.
  • Neverstop Laser Wireless 1000w, which provides wireless connectivity.
  • Neverstop Laser MFP 1200a, which is an All-in-One.
  • Neverstop Laser MFP, which is an All-in-One with wireless connectivity.

New HP Smart Tank Refillable Inkjet Printer

HP also introduced its next-generation Smart Tank inkjet printer with refillable ink tanks that it says prints up to 38 percent faster than the previous generation, the HP Smart Tank 315/415 All-in-One Printer. This latest Smart Tank model features an integrated-tank design with automatic ink sensor that alert users when ink is low so that it can be replenished before it runs out.

Designed for users with busy home and home office print needs, the HP Smart Tank is said to feature a new era of ink-tank technology the provides time-saving tools and outstanding print quality of any ink-tank model in its class.

Key HP Smart Tank 500/600 series features include:

  • Up to 38-percent faster printing speeds and faster connection with dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Eliminate steps in repetitive tasks with custom shortcuts on smartphones or at the printer with HP Smart Tasks.
  • Easy mobile scanning and printing with the HP Smart App.
  • Now integrates with WeChat in China, allowing users to print straight from WeChat.
  • Print professional-style border-less brochures and photos
  • Print 6,000 black or 8,000 color pages right out of the box with virtually no interruptions.

For more information on the HP Neverstop Laser and HP Smart Tank see here.


This summer, the HP Neverstop Laser will first launch in China, India, and selected countries in Southeast Asia. It will launch in Russia and selected countries in CEMA (Central Europe, Middle-East, Africa) in July 2019, and in Latin America in August 2019.

The new HP Smart Tank will first launch in June in all emerging market countries in Asia-Pacific, except in India, where it will ship in July. It will also ship in July in the APJ (Asia-Pacific excluding Japan) developed markets, EMEA emerging markets, and Latin American countries.

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