Konica Minolta Touts Growing IT Revenue

Konica Minolta Business Solutions – European Headquarters

On May 20th, Konica Minolta Europe issued a press release discussing the continued growth of revenue generated by its IT services and solutions business. First, the company noted that Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe generated revenue of 257 million Euros (U.S. $287,117,830.00) in Europe for its fiscal-year 2018 that ended on March 31, 2019, up 14 percent compared to the previous fiscal year. Konica Minolta Europe says this underlines Konica Minolta’s success in its strategy to become a leading IT services provider, both through organic growth, as well as through strategic acquisitions. This rising importance is also reflected in Konica Minolta’s inclusion in Gartner’s global top 100 IT vendors ranking.

Yoann Fortini, ITS GTM Manager for Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe, noted that Konica Minolta continues to grow its IT customer base: “In Europe, Konica Minolta already has 31,700 IT customers today – and we are winning new ones every day. This shows that we are able to meet the demands of large and small companies throughout our different national markets with the solutions we provide, including our one-stop IT solution Workplace Hub that we are increasingly selling to and installing for our customers.

“In fact, our existing customer base in office printing trusting in our solutions and services is a key factor for our success in IT as well. Eleven  percent of these customers are now relying on Konica Minolta also as a provider for IT services.”

These “hybrid customers” are an important pillar of Konica Minolta’s growth,and are said to be a driving force behind the fact that Konica Minolta entire IT revenue for its latest fiscal year was 534 million Euros (U.S. $596,579,460.00), including standalone IT services revenue as well as IT services and MFP and printer revenue generated from hybrid customers. This is an increase of 37 percent compared to 2017’s financial year.

To further strengthen its position as a full-fledged IT service provider, Konica Minolta says its continued its investments in strategic mergers and acquisitions in the past financial year, particularly in Europe. Highlights were its acquisition of the Belgium based IT company Aurelium; the Spanish IT services provider Grupo Meridian; as well as seven subsidiaries of SEQUOÏA in France, a leading dealer in Konica Minolta’s network with a particularly strong presence in Grand-Est and Reunion.

For a complete look at Konica Minolta’s fiscal year, see our story, Konica Minolta Reports Profitable Fiscal Year.

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