Océ Colorado 1650 is Canon’s Latest UVgel Printer for Graphic Arts

Canon U.S.A. today introduced the new Océ Colorado 1650 large-format graphic-arts printer, expanding its family of roll-to-roll devices featuring Canon UVgel ink technology. The Océ Colorado 1650 also introduces Océ FLXfinish technology that enables both matte and gloss print finishes; new ink, increased media and application versatility; and fully integrated double-sided printing.

Canon says the new 64-inch production graphic-arts printer builds on the breakthrough productivity, output quality, ink savings and automation of its predecessor, the Océ Colorado 1640. It’s said to deliver optimal performance for print service providers (PSPs), for producing applications such as self-adhesive vinyl, canvas, wall-coverings, and front- and back-lit graphics that require a high degree of flexibility for finishing, mounting, and framing.

The Océ Colorado 1650 incorporates Océ FLXfinish technology, a new approach to LED curing which allows the operator to choose between a matte or gloss output for each individual print to achieve different finishes, without the need to change inks or media. Canon says a growing number of end users prefer the look and reduced reflections of a matte print finish, especially for interior wall covering and art applications.

Océ FLXfinish technology also enhances the performance of the Océ Colorado 1650 model with more porous media, including un-coated papers and soft signage materials such as polyester textiles and silicon-edged graphic media, by enabling each ink droplet to be ‘fixed’ immediately on jetting, preventing absorption by the substrate.

The Colorado 1650 also uses a new version of Canon UVgel ink. This ink is formulated for application flexibility by increasing the “stretchability” of each cured ink droplet, resulting in output optimal for applications that require cutting, bending, creasing, and folding without the risk of cracking.

Canon says print service providers can further expand their media and application range with an integrated double-sided printing feature and support for both print-side-out and -in media, further boosting productivity and versatility.

The Colorado 1650’s print speeds are rated at:

Banner/Max speed mode: 1,710 ft.2/hr. (159 m2/hr.)
Banner production/High speed mode: 1,230 ft.2 /hr. (114 m2/hr.)
Production mode: 610 ft.2/hr. (57 m2/hr.)
High quality mode: 430 ft.2/hr. (40 m2/hr.)
Specialty mode: 215 ft.2/hr. (20 m2/hr.)
Matte mode: Up to 305 ft.2/hr. (28 m2/hr.)

Canon will begin taking orders for the Océ Colorado 1650 printer in May with customer deliveries beginning early in the third-quarter of this year. For more information and complete specifications, visit Canon here.

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