Remote Control Panel Now Available for Xerox VersaLink Models

While previously Remote Control Panel was only available for use with Xerox ConnectKey printers and MFPs, Xerox reported on April 30th that it’s now available for use with its VersaLink family of printers and MFPs. VersaLink models can now be upgraded to a new version of the firmware that includes the Remote Control Panel among other features.

The Remote Control Panel is designed for system administrators, trainer, and anyone that needs to access the machine from a remote location. Remote Control Panel is accessed via web browser from the printer’s Embedded Web Server. Using the Remote Control Panel, users can make changes to the VersaLin printer while sitting at a computer at home for instance. Users can change printer settings just as if they were standing at the printer and using the printer’s touchscreen.

The Remote Control Panel can also enable administrators to program and troubleshoot the machine from their PC. It can also be used to train users, or to simply walk them through a set-up. Permission for use of the Remote Control Panel can be restricted to administrators only, or to other users as well.

Below are links to the firmware and software required to install the Remote Control panel on a VersaLink model. Users should select the link for their specific model. Installation instructions are included.

Once the firmware is installed, using the directions included in the installation instructions, the Remote Control Panel must be enabled.

Enabling Remote Control Panel

To enable the Remote Control Panel, open the Embedded Web Server by entering the VersaLink printer’s IP address. On the Home screen scroll down to the Quick Links and select Remote Control Panel, then select Enable, and then select Close.  Full instructions for enabling, configuring user access, and how to use the remote control panel are available in online support for VersaLink printers by searching for the term Remote Control.

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