Xerox Adds Security Enhancements to AltaLink MFPs

Xerox today announced security enhancements for its line of Xerox AltaLink Multifunction Printers (MFPs), enhancements that it says provide IT managers, network administrators, and chief information security officers with an extra layer of protection and a more proactive approach to network threats.

“While other networked print devices use a fractured, manual approach to cybersecurity, Xerox employs an automated response that neutralizes threats at their source,” said Dr. Alissa J. Abdullah, chief information security officer at Xerox. “Instantaneous responses are critical when seconds could mean the difference between effective threat response and a catastrophic breach.”

How It Works

Xerox states that by augmenting its embedded security technologies with McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL) and Cisco Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid) platforms, cybercriminals are stopped from gaining a foothold into networks and compromising sensitive data.

When a threat is detected, McAfee Embedded Control whitelisting technology halts the attack. The MFP sends an alert to McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, which communicates the event to Cisco Identity Services Engine over the DXL/pxGrid framework. Cisco Authentication Service takes the affected device off the network until the extent of the attack can be completely evaluated.

With this level of integration, Xerox says that customers can centrally manage and enforce security policies, break up silos and eliminate blind spots.

A free download of the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator extension, available for the AltaLink MFPs, i-Series MFPs and EC7836/7856 MFPs, can be found at Xerox AltaLink.

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