Ricoh Canada Launches Ricoh IT Services

Ricoh Canada Inc., which is headquartered in Toronto, today announced the national launch of Ricoh IT Services, completing the rebranding and expansion of its Graycon IT group. The firm says the transition from Graycon IT to Ricoh marks Ricoh’s strategic commitment towards expanding its services portfolio.

Ricoh IT Services specializes in the design, implementation, security, and support of infrastructure, cloud, and networking systems. It builds on Ricoh Canada’s focus towards “Empowering Digital Workplaces in serving Insightful IT.”

Ricoh says its global history of innovation combined with its appreciation for local insight enables Ricoh IT Services to help organizations stay competitive, compliant, and secure through the delivery of customized solutions. Supported by a network of certified and trained IT-services professionals, Ricoh says its IT services supports the growth of its customers through enhanced customer service, and productivity.

Eric Fletcher, vice president of marketing for Ricoh Canada commented: “The completion of the re-brand allows us to present a national unified brand and a seamless customer-centric experience that Ricoh is known for. We look forward towards working with our small and medium-sized customers to maximize our combined capabilities in the delivery of managed IT Services.”

Ricoh says that existing Graycon IT customers will continue to receive the  same level of service along with the added benefit of having full access to Ricoh Canada’s expertise, customer service, and technical support network. This access will help customers explore Ricoh’s product and services, portfolio, which includes print management and audio-visual products to analytics.

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