Xerox Merging Some XBS Companies

Back in January, Xerox announced that it was re-branding its Global Imaging Systems – which consists of various multi-brand office-equipment dealers throughout the United States – into Xerox Business Solutions.

Since then, Xerox has been merging several of these companies into combined companies. For instance, Dahill, ASI, imageTEK, Denitech, and OneSource Managed Services are becoming Xerox Business Solutions Southwest. According to anonymous sources, Xerox has reduced its number of core dealerships from 49 to about 22.

Xerox stated at an Investors Day conference earlier this year that it while it plans on increasing XBS’s sales force, according to CRN, it’s also closing about half of XBS offices, which number about 186, including small satellite offices, keeping core businesses open, but closing many small offices.

Xerox also said it transferred some 28,000 of its small and mid-size business accounts to XBS.

Meanwhile, the company’s share price has risen approximately 60 percent since the beginning of the year, rising from $20.13 on January 2nd, to $33.84 as of today.

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