Kyocera Introduces New Global Corporate Branding

On April 9th, Kyocera Document Solutions of Japan announced a “refresh” of its global corporate brand identity.

The new brand identity is said to reflect Kyocera Document Solutions’ increasing role in helping customers capture opportunities in today’s digital economy. It’s also said to reflect the organization’s growing dedication to helping customers manage an immense volume of document information, finding insight and gaining agility, to optimize their business operations.

The core idea behind Kyocera Document Solutions’ new brand identity is to put knowledge to work to drive change.

Kyocera Document Solutions also noted that: “The hardware market has been our home for decades, but it has begun to show signs of stagnation as more workplaces move towards more efficient offices. Some companies would be happy to stick with what they know. For us, it was clear that expanding our horizons was the solution to maintaining our growth in the years to come.”

With more software products and solutions, the firm says it needed to modernize its  branding.

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