HP Identifies Four Companies Selling Counterfeit or Illegitimate Supplies

In the wake of weaker-than expected first-quarter results  attributed to lower sales of printer/copier supplies such as toner cartridges, HP Inc. has said it will be cracking down on counterfeits of such supplies. (In the first quarter, HP’s printer-supplies revenue fell 9 percent in EMEA [Europe, Middle East, Africa] and 3 percent overall.)

Additionally, according to Channel Partner Supplies, HP has drawn up a “blacklist” of suppliers in EMEA , and has distributed to partners a March 15th document that bans its partners from trading with the four firms.

The four firms that partners are told not to trade with include Winterhold & Hering, which is based in Germany; Imcopex, also based in Germany; U.K.-based Beta Distribution, which may have gone out of business, and one in African-country Burkina Faso.

The document states that HP is seeking to “keep our channel clear of counterfeiting and improper trade of HP supplies such as grey marketing, VAT fraud and abuse of HP programmes.” It also states that HP partners who trade with the four companies on the Do Not Trade List may be subjected to “severe consequences” including rebate reclaims, lump-sum payment and partner programme expulsion.

HP also sated: “HP is committed to protecting consumers and partners from counterfeiting and other forms of trade of HP supplies and takes steps to identify such activity.

“We now publish the HP Do Not Trade List of companies against which HP has evidence that they are involved in counterfeiting and/or other forms of illegitimate or improper trade of HP supplies. The aim of the Do Not Trade List is to help our partners legitimately source original HP supplies from trusted traders.”

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