New Ricoh Partnership with Cisco for Developing Security Solutions

Ricoh Company and  Cisco Systems, a worldwide provider of IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions, today announced a global partnership aimed at providing new more affordable cloud solutions that provide  simpler and more secure environments in three layers (cloud, network, and device).

Ricoh notes that security threats, such as unauthorized user access and information leakage, are becoming increasingly  sophisticated, and that small and mid-size businesses often can’t afford dedicated IT administrators to combat these threats, and that the same often holds true for larger enterprises spread across multiple locations.

To enable safe cloud use, more than 250 researchers at Cisco’s security research team, Talos, collect threat information and improve security products. Cisco also offers Cisco Meraki for cloud-based simple network management.

In January 2019, Ricoh launched its IM C Series of next-generation intelligent MFP printers along with the Ricoh Smart Integration cloud platform. By connecting MFP printers and other office devices with the latest cloud services via Ricoh Smart Integration, Ricoh says it provides smarter ways of working for customers.

By combining RICOH Smart Integration and Cisco cloud security solutions under this partnership, Cisco and Ricoh will securely connect, using Cisco Meraki, Ricoh’s IM C Series of next-generation MFP printers  and other office devices, with multiple cloud services. This solution will reduce the time required for implementation, operation, and management. Also, by bringing together Ricoh Smart Integration with Cisco’s information leakage detection/prevention and other advanced user-authentication features, the solution will support processes that require higher security levels. This will be the first partnership program in the Ricoh Smart Integration partner program, which Ricoh is implementing this spring.

Ricoh also stated that it and Cisco will work to provide secure and autonomous network connections for MFP printers and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Integration of Ricoh products and the Cisco Identity Service Engine will enable automated operation and management of connected devices and appropriate security settings, which are increasingly in demand at larger enterprises, and allow companies to make proposals supporting Software Defined Network (SDN) and IoT.

Cisco and Ricoh will begin to implement the solution on a trial basis starting in  April 2019. After verification, after September 2019, the solution will initially be offered in Japan, followed by a global deployment.

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