New Canon Solutions America Security Event-Monitoring and Security Training


Canon is continuing to strengthen its security offerings, with Canon Solutions America announcing on February 12th  the addition of enhanced security capabilities through EventSentry, a hybrid Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution that provides event monitoring for businesses of all sizes, and which was developed by Canon partner NETIKUS.NET.

Canon says the solution helps provide security and IT professionals with increased visibility into their systems, allowing their infrastructure and applications to operate securely and efficiently.

Enhanced features available in EventSentry include real-time alerts, flexible dashboards, security event-log normalization and correlation, and more.


The benefits to Canon Solutions America customers from the EventSentry offering include:

  • Correlate and monitor event logs and log files in real-time, as well as monitor performance, disk space, services, processes, and more on both physical and virtual (cloud) servers and workstations.
  • Track processes, console and network log-ons, file access, account-management events, and policy change events for customers’ compliance efforts with PCI, SOX, HIPAA, CJIS, and other requirements.
  • Visualize data with dashboards and a job and reporting feature. Reporting supports granular authentication and sophisticated log searching.

New Barracuda PhishLine Collaboration

On February 12th, Canon Solutions America also announced its collaboration with Barracuda Networks, a provider of Cloud-enabled security solutions.

Canon notes that with the cost of data breaches rapidly increasing and more businesses being affected each year, it’s recognized the need to provide a security awareness resource geared toward helping customers mitigate risk.

“Phishing” in general refers to the practice of using fraudulent emails to steal personal and financial information (remember the “Nigerian prince” email scam?) This information can then be used for identify or financial theft. The emails often fraudulently state that they’ve been issued from a bank, the IRS, UPS, Fedex, Facebook, or Linkedin – or royalty.

The Barracuda PhishLine offering, now available for Canon Solutions America customers, is designed to help prevent employees from falling prey to these attacks by providing them with continuous simulation and training, providing immersive real-world training and social engineering simulations to help them avoid email fraud, data loss, and brand damage

PhishLine helps employees recognize fraudulent emails via two methods. First, computer-based training gives users a baseline understanding of the latest techniques attackers are using. Second, PhishLine is said to embed learning into business processes, by launching customized simulations that test and reinforce good user behavior.

The benefits to Canon Solutions America customers from the Barracuda PhishLine offering are said to include:

  • Turn employees into front–line defenders of workplace security by reducing their vulnerability to phising.
  • Provides a choice of hundreds of email templates, landing pages, and domains.
  • Phishline Concierge Service is available for campaign design, operation, and results reporting.

For more information on Barracuda, visit the company here.

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