Oki Europe Launches Printer Consumables and Maintenance Program

This month, Oki Europe launched of a maintenance and automatic consumables-supply service, “Smart Managed Page Services,” which it’s added to its “Shinrai” partner program.

Under the program, Oki consumables such as toner cartridges are managed throughout Europe and are automatically ordered and delivered to the customer when needed, with Oki noting that one advantage is that the OKI partner doesn’t have to warehouse and keep consumables in stock. Under the monthly subscription program, Oki also monitors the customers’ printers and provides proactive maintenance as needed.

“Smart Support not only reduces printer downtime for customers, but also reduces consumables’ costs and reduces storage space requirements,” explains Erik Piepenburg, manager of MPS Business Development at Oki. “Partners who use Oki’s Smart Managed Page Services benefit from transparent business planning and can respond faster and more accurately to their customers’ needs. This enables them to move from a pure supplier to a trusted, long-term partner for their customers and build sustainable and profitable customer relationships. ”

Partners already participating in Okis Shinrai Affiliate Program can sign up for the program via the Oki PartnerNet for the Smart Managed Page program. Qualified retailers in Germany who are not actively participating in Oki’s Shinrai partner program can apply for inclusion in the affiliate program via the Oki homepage at any time.

For more information, visit Oki Europe here.

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